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Office Updates blocked
Hi In the past, I have had no problem updating Office XP pro. I now get the following message when I try, even though I have validated/activated my copy some time ago. As far as I am concerned, the various programs in Office pro do not ask me to activate as they did when I first installed, so I assume everything is ok with the Office setup. ================================== Microso...
3 3/23/2007 8:19:13 PM
Using OCT to supress Privacy Options dialog box
I ran OCT to suppress the Privacy Options dialog box and chose the following settings: Suppress the first-run Privacy Options dialog box 1. In the left pane of the OCT, under Features, click Modify user settings. 2. In the tree view of the OCT, open Microsoft Office 2007 system, open Privacy, and click Trust Center. 3. In the details pane, double-click Enable Customer Experience Improvem...
1 3/22/2007 6:40:06 PM
Updating Office 2003 in Vista
How can I update Office 2003 in Vista? -- Thanks, Bill Post replies back to News Group ...
2 3/22/2007 3:30:53 AM
Errors When Validating Office XP/2002
When i attempt to validate Office (to download updates) i receive these two errors: Microsoft Office XP Professional with FrontPage: Validation Incomplete: Office Must Be Activated and Microsoft Visio Professional 2002 [English]: Validation Incomplete: Office Must Be Activated Far enough you may say... but; It used to work fine ages ago! They are genuine Microsoft Versions, l...
5 3/22/2007 12:10:03 AM
Upgraded from Office 2003 basic to Office 2007 installer box
Upgraded from Office 2003 basic to Office 2007. The installer box keeps coming up. Run a few mintues and then goes away. I reveived a email and the installer box comes up. I have been on the phone with a Tech from Microsoft and from Dell no one know how to fix the issue.. Any ideals? We have tired removing it and reinstalling. a sfc/scannow - the Micosoft tech taped into my systems and s...
4 3/22/2007 12:01:00 AM
Upgrading to Office 2007
Is there an upgrade package from Office XP Professional (2002) to Office 2007? -- Roy...
5 3/21/2007 4:55:33 PM
Upgrade Office 2007 Pro to Office 2007 Ultimate?
I currently own/use Office 2007 Professional full version (not upgrade). Is it possible to upgrade Office 2007 Professional to Office 2007 Ultimate and just pay the difference in price ($539 Ultimate upgrade minus the $499 that I spent on Professional=$40)instead of having to buy the $539 Ultimate upgrade version? If so, please give me a link or instructions on how I might do this. I ...
3 3/21/2007 4:19:27 AM
Office 2003
I am still having problems keeping my Office Icons to stay where I put them on my desktop. After I open and save a workshhet the Icon (Shortcut) moves back in queue to the left. No auto arrange is not on. If I open and do not save the shortcut stays where I put it. Vista newsgroups were no help....
2 3/20/2007 6:43:09 PM
1 3/20/2007 9:00:02 AM
Stop bugging me with the request to restart computer
I hate the request to restart computer after automatic updates are ready. You seem to feel that restarting immediately is so urgent that users must continuously be disturbed and interrupted. For me starting the necessary softwares and logging into systems and opening the documents requires some effort. When the computer has been started, I don't want to re-do all of it just to get one of...
3 3/20/2007 7:01:02 AM
delete links from the resource view in Project web access 2003
Hi when an admin saves a link once in the Resource view in the pwa the links appears to the left in the saved links, how can i delete them or change them thanks. - .NET Developer Portal of Choice
2 3/20/2007 6:58:52 AM
Office Update and Registry Errors ?
I am running Office 2003 Professional and have tried many times to install Office Updates but they always fail. I am getting desperate because I cannot install even the vital security updates ! Most of the steps in MS articles have been tried but unfortunately I don't have the original CD so there are some which I cannot try. Does anyone know what the following error log text means ? ...
7 3/19/2007 2:35:26 PM
Office 2007 Button
I have MS Office 2007 - and Windows Vista. I ran an update and was given the following message: Update Diagnostic — Unable to access a required file The Update Diagnostic was unable to run because it requires a file that you have chosen not to download. To give Microsoft Office permission to download this file, do one of the following in one of these 2007 Office release programs: ...
2 3/18/2007 5:47:45 AM
At Risk Stupidiity
Every once in a while, IE does a scan of my office security and comes back claiming that my computer is at great risk becuase I don't have the latest in security. The screen list a whole bunch of downloads I can run to help my IE security. Here's my question: Why is is that I can't find ANY reference to the downloads suggested on the MS Office Support web site? For instance: the first se...
2 3/18/2007 4:21:07 AM
Office 2003 and Genuine Validation ActiveX controls
Hope someone can help me - I installed the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications today and every time i try to validate either my copies of Windows or Office 2003 it prompts me to run the Genuine Advantage ActiveX install - I click yes and then it says done but the pop up says it failed to install. I have checked my internet settings under manage add-ons. I can't even find the Active...
4 3/18/2007 12:41:00 AM
works 8.5 need to upgrade to word
hello. I've got windows vista with works 8.5. All my super important old files are .doc and I need to be able to edit and use them. I do not have my old office disc. Can I somehow upgrade my works to include word or read .doc files with using the back route of 'open file' '.doc'? My other option is to buy office 2003 cheaply (as i qualify for a special deal), but can I use that with vist...
2 3/17/2007 8:16:02 PM
If I purchase an office upgrade can I run both versions (2003 and
If I purchase an office upgrade (2003 to 2007) can I keep the office 2003 installation on the same computer? or does it automaticallyu get removed? I really want to have both versions of PowerPoint installed for testing. ie. side-by-side install? Thanks, Kent....
3 3/17/2007 11:43:18 AM
missing e-mails on update
My computer auto updated microsoft outlook and now my e-mails from feb 2007 to present are gone. Please help....
3 3/17/2007 5:29:00 AM
Updates failing to install
Hello, since mid Feb 07, I seem to have had 7 updates continually fail on my machine. The updates for; Outlook 2003 PPoint 2003 Office 2003 Excel 2003 Security Update for 2003 (KB929057) Security Update for Office 2003 (KB929064) I think I'm running the Student and Teacher Edition of 2003, could this be the reason the updates are failing? If not, is there a possible cause? Not su...
2 3/17/2007 12:29:46 AM
Office 2003 to Office 2007
Hi all I am to buy Office 2007 and currently using Office 2003. I just want to make it confirm that will I be able to use 2203 files with 2007 and vice versa? any compatibility issues of word / excel / power point files? Please guide me Thanks & Regards, ...
3 3/16/2007 9:43:05 PM
Microsoft 2003 upgrade to 2007
Hello I have Office 2003 but now need Access which is not in this package. If I purchase the 2007 upgrade will all my 2003 products upgrade. Could I buy the 2007 Access program only or do I need the entire 2007 package?...
2 3/16/2007 6:03:17 PM
outlook 2007 won't install with office 2007 professional
Anyone else purchased and registered 2007 professional from the trial version? I did so, and then uninstalled my prior office professional only to find out that all of my outlook app. and files were gone... I have tried time and again to install outlook 2007 from the disks that were mailed to me by MS but the install keeps coming up with a Red X on outlook and will not let me install it. I...
5 3/16/2007 12:58:30 PM
Document Image Writer
I have an issue with the Office2003 Document Image writer that I haven't found an answer for. Maybe someone here can help. We have a mix of Win2K Pro, XP Pro and W2K3 terminal servers with Office 2003. The main user storage is a Network Appliance filer sharing files using CIFS and NFS with Unix permissions set on the general storage area. Only user profiles are on an NTFS share. The pro...
1 3/15/2007 4:37:16 PM
Installed 2007, cannot remove Office XP
Office XP is not listed in the control panel software removal list. How can I remove Office XP?...
2 3/15/2007 6:03:25 AM
Install Office XP on Windows XP SP1 then upgrade to SP2?
I have a 2005 computer (new, still in the box) with Windows XP SP1 and also have an SP2 upgrade disk ready to install. From an earlier 2003 computer I also have the original Office XP (2002, SBE) disks that I never activated since I only used Office on this a handful of times. Should I be able to install (and activate) Office XP on my 2005 Windows XP SP1 computer? Should I do this bef...
2 3/14/2007 5:44:11 AM
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