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Thread: beeping when a meeting cancellation is received

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beeping when a meeting cancellation is received
neuromoe 12/2/2008 8:22:00 PM
I just got an email from an unhappy someone telling me to skip the loud
beeping on the cancellation notice that I sent. She feels meeting
cancellations three weeks out aren't urgent and don't need the loud beep (she
may be right, there).

So when I'm cancelling a meeting, can I change something in the notice so
that it doesn't send out the "urgent message" beep?


Is there a setting on her computer that she can adjust that will turn off
the "urgent message" beep ONLY for cancellations (I'm sure she still wants
the quieter "email arrival" sound to still function)?


Does Outlook consider all meeting cancellations to be urgent, and therefore
any time you cancel a meeting, the urgent message beep is built in and


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